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October 25, 2009

Fun-Filled Weekend...

Maggie turned 2 months old on Friday and we celebrated by running her ragged all weekend.  Her new adventures included a pizza party with friends and lots of little kids, a trip to the Weston farms for pumpkins and apples, and going to the nursery at church.  Jared recently joined the choir and today was their first performance.  I figured it'd be best if Maggie didn't contribute her own voice to the songs so she had her first church nursery visit.  She seemed to like it so I think she'll start making regular appearances -- our little girl is growing up so quickly.  We also tried on her Mizzou onesie for size, but after Texas scored multiple TDs in the first few minutes we turned the game off and opted for a bath and PJs instead. 

We're all tuckered out after a fun and busy weekend.  Maggie's sleeping soundly in her crib, where I assume she'll wake up promptly at 1:30am turned in the opposite direction of how I laid her, screaming for food and wondering why her head is no longer under her mobile.  And Jared's snoring next to me, where I assume he will still be snoring at 1:30am and will wake tomorrow morning to ask, "Did Maggie get up at all last night?"  Guess I better get to sleep.

Getting Excited for the Pizza Party

She Wasn't Really in to Photos

This Worked a Little Bit Better

Daddy's Lil' Spook

Daddy Playing with the Camera

Cheering for Daddy's Team

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