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October 5, 2009

Fall, La, La, La, La...

Happy fall ya'll!  It's no secret I love, love, love this time of the year. If I could find a place where it was fall all year round, I'd seriously consider moving there and opening up my own apple orchard and pumpkin patch. By the crowd we encountered at the Louisburg Apple Cider Mill this weekend, I would be one wealthy Apple Picker. See the grumpy guy in the back of the first photo below?  That's pretty much how Jared and I felt when we pulled up hoping for a nice family stroll through the Mill and found fields of mini vans and SUVs followed by a sea of white tents and tables displaying local crafters goods.  Apparently, the day we chose to go to the Mill there was a festival of some sort.  We stayed about 15 minutes before we decided a nice drive down 69 highway back home would suffice for our outdoor fall activity this weekend.  We'll try again another day.

Jared, Stoller, and "Grumpy Man"

All I Could See of the Mill Through the Crowds

Plum Tuckered Out

Our Weekend Accomplishment: Mums and Pansies Were Planted
(now we just need pumpkins)

Footnote:  We had a coulple adult social activities this weekend which brought back memories of LBB (life before baby).  Granted Maggie attended both with us, but she was a doll and it was so nice to spend time with such great friends. And Maggie got to experience her first party...she's going to be such the social butterfly.

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