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October 12, 2009

Counting the Weeks...

41 - the number of weeks I was pregnant
7 - Maggie's age in weeks
5 - the weeks I have left spending my full days with our sweet little girl

In five weeks I'll be back to work. Time flies when you're having fun! At seven weeks old we are having a blast. Maggie's holding her head up with less and less wobbling and she's discovering new things every day...sometimes every minute it seems. She loves bath time, sticking her tongue out, grabbing mommy's hair, looking at herself in the mirror, and smiling.  She's not so sure about changing her panties, Truxton licking her feet, or being woken up.  Last week her new adventures included spending a day with our good friend, Anne, and her first Starbucks playdate. She also took her first trip to the lake.  Maggie's quickly becoming a traveling pro and she's incredibly talkative.  Hmm, maybe she will be a lil' bit like her mommy afterall.

Here are the latest pics from the weekend.

My Family:  Husband, Dog, and Baby

Two Things She Does With Mommy:
1. Have Girl Talk

2. Sleep

Meeting Aunt Hannah

Watching Golf with Grandpa

Celebrating Mommy's Upcoming Birthday

Tummy Play Time

'Ruff Life for Some Pups

A Couple Rednecks

Hanging With Miss Angie

Meeting Great Aunt Nancy

Meeting Great Grandma Voss

Little Miss Talkative

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