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November 5, 2009

November Already?!

I can't believe October has come and gone.  Why do the days and weeks and months become shorter as one gets older? It doesn't seem fair. Now I'm 31. What a boring age! Twentyone was a good age...31 is so blah. My thirtieth year was phenomenal with the arrival of our magnificent little girl, Jared's MBA graduation, and celebrating a year in our new home, just to name a few.  I loved 30!  I wonder what's to come this year. Well, whatever it is me and my new Uggs are ready for it -- bring it on!
Meanwhile, here's a few photo hightlights from the weekend.

All Bundled Up for Halloween

Boo to You! Ooh, scary.

With Grandma at the Apple Orchard
(thanks for the outfit Aunt Jes and Uncle Nick)

Maggie and Grandpa Sharing an Emotional Moment

Trux Thinking, "This sucks! No one plays with me anymore."

Maggie's Favorite Playtime Activity

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