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February 2, 2010

Home Office

It's my first week in 5 1/2 years not working for Ticketmaster.  At random times throughout the day I find myself concerned about the state of affairs at the company and then I remember it's not mine to worry about any more.  This is going to take some getting used to!  And I have another conundrum to worry about:  How am I busier now than I was when working 80 hour weeks?  Being a stay-at-home mom and semi-entreprenuer is a whole new kind of organization and productivity I'm still learning.  I'll get there.  Luckily Maggie and Jared are being very patient with me...the guy from HP I yelled at last night on the phone on the other hand probably thinks I'm a huge you-know-what.  I miss having an IT department!

For now my dreams consist of the following images.  Some where in a fairytale land a princess has this office and is being highly productive and efficient.

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