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February 9, 2010

Exciting New Things

In Maggie's 6th month she's learning all kinds of new things.  She's found her toes, which she thinks is pretty special and has figured out how to put the big toes in her ears, nose, and mouth.  This mordifies her father and makes mommy laugh hysterically. 

Maggie's also learning how to eat and to cook.  Right now all she gets is rice cereal and oatmeal, but she's been helping mommy cook and bake all kinds of good things she'll get to eat soon enough
My toes! My toes! I love my toes!

Baking Lesson

Maggie Likes Spatulas

Maggie's First Food

"I'll do it myself, mom!"

And for those of you who are really, really bored....here's a video of Maggie getting her first bites of food.  Seriously, you must be really bored to watch this.

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