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July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We enjoyed a fun-filled, laid-back, 4th of July weekend at home in Prairie Village. It was a real treat to have Jared's younger brother, Nick, and his family - Jesie and Beau (5mths) - visit for the weekend. We loved having them here! Nick and Jesie make having an infant look easy, which is encouraging given we'll have our own in 6 weeks or less.

On Saturday Jared and I volunteered most of the day at the Prairie Village VillageFest, a 4th of July celebration for families of our little town. I'm on the VillageFest planning committee, so naturally Jared got ropped into helping as well. We love living here so much it's nice to be able to give back a bit. Jared visited with the Mayor and committed me to run for City Council...hmmm, hopefully the Mayor doesn't hold me to that any time soon.

Now that we've started our 35th week of pregnancy (today!) we're finalizing preparations for Maggie's arrival. The nursery is nearly complete -- all roses have been painted and we've got a drawer full of freshly washed newborn clothes to get us through the first couple weeks.

Jared's Reward for Volunteering at VillageFest All Day -- a Tour of the Chanook Helicopter (soooo cool!)
Uncle Jared with Our Nephew, Beau
Beau Loved "Puppy" Trux

One Advantage to Being Home -- I Get to Cook! Our 4th of July dinner included BBQ Ribs, Fried Green Tomatoes, Grilled Peaches, Homemade Mac N' Cheese, and a Black & Blueberry Pie -- Yummy!

Jared and Nick
Mommy-to-Be Putting Away Just-Washed Onesies

The Crib

I Hope She Likes Flowers

Jared's Masterpiece Complete - A Wall of Roses

Jared's 2nd Masterpiece in Progress -- "The Berm"

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