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June 29, 2009

Lessons I Learned From My Dog...

Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong. You may just get bitten by a snake.
Jared and I ventured down to Table Rock Lake this weekend for our first and last summer 2009 weekend on the lake since we're home now until the baby is born. On Friday evening Truxton came in the house with quite the swollen snout and two bleeding fang marks to show off. It appears his nosiness finally got him into trouble with another creature -- we think a Copperhead Snake. Luckily we had Benodryl and steriods with us to avoid an emergency trip to the vet. He continued to swell most of Friday night and Jared stayed up with him to make sure he kept breathing, but by Saturday morning he was feeling better and by that afternoon he showed no pain as he swam in the pool.
We enjoyed a nice weekend at the lake with my Dad and Angie, and got plenty of time in the water and sun before returning back home Sunday.
Truxton "Snake Bite"
Integrity Hills Waterfalls

The Life!!

Swollen Pregnancy Feet...and Ankles...and Knees

Water Dog

Truxton will actually dive under water to retrieve toys, but we have yet to be able to get a picture of it. All you see is the tip of his tail sticking out.

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