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July 10, 2009

34 Weeks, 6 Days, and Counting...

We had a final sonogram with Dr. Matile today to take a "quick peek" at our little Petunia. I've posted a sonogram photo of her face below but I'm not sure how well you'll be able to see it.

Maggie has a high heartrate of 160 and is active, active, active. She never seems to quit moving, which has allowed Jared to feel her more and more. Jared says "she's a Voss" because she's so busy all the time. I can even sit and watch my tummy dance sometimes. Her head is down, butt is up, and she's looking to be an average size baby -- we're expecting around 7lbs at full term.

Now it's just check-ups and waiting for the next month or so..

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