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June 14, 2009

Truxton Turns Four...and More

We've been drenched with rain for over a week now in Kansas City, but on Sunday afternoon the sun decided to make a brief appearance and we were able to get outside. Trux and I went to our neighbor's pool, where he swam for hours and I turned red like a lobster! When I went to pick up dinner last night and this kid said, "Your legs are done." I though he was referring to my beat red legs...he actually meant the chicken legs we ordered we're done. Opps!

Recently a friend of ours, Gary, received his pilot's license. The original plan for Sunday was for Gary and Jared to fly over to Illinois for our nephew's baptism, but with storms still lurking those plans got canceled. However, once the sun came out the boys took the opportunity to get up in the air. Gary even let Jared fly for a few minutes!

I, on the other hand, am done flying until after Maggie arrives. Last week Dr. Matile put the kabosh on any more flying or long-distance traveling. So I had to cancel work trips to both CO and TX, and a trip to IL for Brayden's baptism. I haven't really stopped traveling since I was 20 so this is an adjustment to say the least. It's sureal to think the next time I get on a plane I'll have a baby with me.

Today marks a couple milestones in our house -- Truxton turns 4 years old today! I can't believe we've had him for so long already. And it's the start of our 8 month of pregnancy. Just 2 more quick summer months and we'll be welcoming baby Maggie into the world!
Trux Swimming
7 months / 31 Weeks -- 2 Months to Go

Jared and Friend, Gary, Flying Around KC

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  1. What kind of plane? Truxton looks like a human standing in the pool. He will really enjoy swimming in the infinity pool at the big house.