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November 16, 2009

Water Works...

It was inevitable, my return to work that is.  I knew it was coming but for the past 12 weeks I chose denial and embraced my new role as stay-at-home mommy. And I absolutely loved it.  How woulda' thunk it?!  Me. Lil' miss career girl always on the go, loving more than anything spending my days with a little munchkin who can't talk or walk.  Maggie and I had so much fun the past few months. We had lots of girl talk, shopped, and made dinner every evening before Daddy came home from work. And God blessed us with incredible weather. Nearly every day was sunny and above 60 so we took long walks with Truxton. 

Today, on my first day back to the office, the weather is cold, in the 30s, and raining with a chance of the season's first snow. How apropos! The change in weather couldn't fit better with the change in our family today.

In addition to the rain, I admit I shed a few tears this morning when taking Maggie to her babysitter -- my good friend and personal angel, Anne.  I am so thankful for Anne and jealous of her at the same time.  Afterall, she gets to hang out with the coolest little chick I know all day long.

Welp, as I always say..."make the best of the situation."  I'm busy catching up on work and grateful to have a great job.  I count my blessings.

Here's some recent pics.

Maggie on Back to Work Day
Sporting Her Winter Coat for the First Time

Loving Bath Time
(sorry for the risque pic!)

My $19 Birthday Present to Myself:
A Silver Cupcake Stand

Tummy Time Fun

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  1. You are brave! You will always be pulled in too many directions! Maggie has a fabulous Mom who loves and adores her, so she will blossom from that no matter what. I have come to the conclusion that it never gets easier, just different as they go through different stages and have different challenges. So lean on the fact you love her caretaker and cherish the moments you are with her. You make all working moms (at home or at an office) proud!