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August 2, 2009

We've been Robbed! And Rob'd...

My dad, Rob, came in town for a quick visit Friday. We usually only get him here for about 12 hours, as the lake seems to beckon him back quickly, but it's a nice quick catch-up and always involves a fun meal. This time around he brought the Big Green Egg and provided a quick lesson in smoking / grilling shrimp and steak. We, in turn, provided cheap wine and smores. Fair's, fair.

We were also recently robbed by another of my family members...my little sis Becca "Boo". Well, technically we opened our house willingly and gave her our furniture for her first apartment but with "Pregnancy Brain" I wake up each morning and wonder where our couch went. We've got our fingers crossed the new couch and chairs will make their arrival before Maggie decides to make her's.

Jared and I experienced something Saturday we've never experienced before -- A DAY WITH NOTHING TO DO! We had no idea how to handle such a thing. We kept asking each other, "What do we do with a day that has no plans?!" So we painted bookshevles. Luckily on Sunday our normal, more comfortable lives returned with plenty of plans and tasks.

Whoa Mama!
Rob "Dad" Voss and the Big Green Egg
We've Been Robbed
Finding Something to do on Saturday
We Think the Blue Really Brightens the Room

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