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August 22, 2009

Just a tease...

Lovely photo taken on Jared's new phone at our NST (non-stress test) Friday Morning.After my NST Thursday morning where I contracted during the entire test, the contractions continued and increased all day, peaking in the middle of the night to 1 - 2 mins long and 4 - 5 mins apart. To go to the hospital contractions have to be 1 min long and 5 minutes apart for 1 hour. The contractions hurt but not enough to go to L&D so Trux and I just walked around the house (poor dog is so confused as to why we were walking laps around the couch). For no reason at all, around 4am the contractions slowed down and I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up Friday morning the contractions were pretty much gone. Where they went, I have no idea. Pregnancy is so odd.
After the contractions didn't return, we went to see the doc. I'm now a good 3 1/2 cm but having less contractions. We did another NST and me and baby are doing great. So...Jared and I went to the zoo! :) We figured why waste a beautiful day if we weren't going to the hospital and it was a new place to walk. I’ve had 1min contractions sporadically since Friday morning but nothing consistent.
Maybe we'll have her this weekend still, but if we don't we'll check into St. Luke's Monday morning and doc will break my water around 9am. Even though it’s been a long week of waiting, I’m actually very grateful I’ve had this experience and my body is well on it’s way to preparing to deliver a baby. God’s unpredictedness (I think that should be a word) is awesome! Either way, we're pretty calm, not nervous (yet!) and very excited. Sometime in the next couple days we'll have a baby!! And I've officially started maternity leave. Even though there will be a couple projects that demand my attention, for the most part I'm off work until mid-November! I'm so excited to spend the fall home with our daughter!

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  1. That picture was TOTALLY a tease! Hopefully that girl will come on her own, but either way, we can't wait to meet her. FYI: drugs are good....get the drugs!