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June 12, 2010

Hello. We're Still Here.

Hi friends!  Long time, no...um...blog?!  Sorry I haven't been very good at keeping our family updates updated.  I'm staying so busy with mommyhood, community volunteering, working a bit, hostessing and keeping up with Jared I haven't had any energy left for Flinn Village updates.  Whew! Just thinking about it makes me sleepy.  Speaking of sleepy, that's what Maggie's doing right now. And it's a slight monsoon outside so I've got some time to at least post new photos of our little petunia.

She's 9 1/2 months now. Can. You. Believe. It?!  Where did our little baby go?  Maggie has 4 teeth and by the amount she's drooling this week I'm guessing #5 is on it's way.  She's crawling and is quite speedy. She's climbing and is quite clumsy.  And she's discovered that opening and shutting cabinets often leads to pinched fingers and forehead bruises...yet she keeps going back for more.  She loves trying new foods and so far we haven't found anything she won't eat, though she doesn't love cooked spinach (can't blame her).  She'll patiently sit at my feet while I'm cooking waiting for a taste.  And when's she's had enough she simply tries to climb out of her high chair.  Jared and I have taken to saying "uh oh!" a lot and quickly placing her safely on the floor.  We've even tried tying her into the chair with a bunge cord but she's a little magician and has figured out how to escape.  She babbles constantly, especially to strangers in the store, and loves to say "Da Da" "Dooog" "Uh Ohhhhh" and blow raspberries.  Her favorite activity right now, aside from climbing, is swimming and we try to go to the pool on every sunny day.

That's about all the updates for now. Before we know it she'll be walking, talking and turning 1.  New photos that our dear friend Danny took are posted below.

Lots of love,

Oh...Mommy, Daddy, and Truxton are also doing just fine.

A Day in the Life of Maggie

Good Morning with Blueberry Pancakes

Play, Sing, and Dance at Kindermusik

Just Waking Up From a Good Nap

Playtime in the Grass

Mommy Put the Baby in the Buckets


Black and White Favorite Photos

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