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April 7, 2010

He Is Risen!

He is risen indeed!  And on this special Easter weekend in 2010, He also rose Maggie's first tooth and took Grandpa Voss to his permanent home.   

My mom made a special trip to KC to share Easter with us and Maggie's first Easter came with a beautiful new dress, a basket of goodies, and a first tooth.  She won't let us get near the tooth long enough to take a look but she's taken the opportunity to bite my finger multiple times.  She's handled all the excitement pretty well.  Other than waking up a bit at night and drooling a lot, the tooth doesn't seem to bother her.

Soon after our church service Sunday we all packed up and headed to Springfield to be with the family and lay my grandfather to rest. Robert "Archie" Voss passed away Saturday morning in his sleep.  My sister, Sondra, came in town from Dallas and even though the circumstance for her visit was due to a loss, it was great to see her. It was great to see everyone. I find it interesting how at the end of a loved one's life the final gift they give their family is reunion.  A military funeral was held on Monday, including a fly-over by an Air Force plane.  It was just as grandpa would have loved it to be.   And Maggie kept the family smiling by hiccuping through the entire funeral service.  I thought at least the gun shots would scare the hiccups away, but they persisted (the hiccups, not the shots). 

Maggie's First Easter Basket

Our Failed Attempt at a Family Photo

Maggie and her friend Louisa, aka Weezy, at Sunday's Easter Service

Playing in the Grass at Grammy's House

Mags Made Everyone Smile at Grandpa's Funeral

Presenting the Flag to Grandma Voss

The Fly-Over
I bet grandpa loved seeing this!


Our Reason to Rejoice

Rest in peace Archie.

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