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December 29, 2009

Santa Came to Town

At Flinn Village we're still digging out from the snow...and the presents...and all the treats.  We've been blissfully buried with social events and celebrations with family and friends for the past few weeks.  Christmas day was spent at home with my mom, sister Becca, and our friends, The Charlsens.  We got so much snow I think the weathermen lost count and stopped reporting the inches.  Christmas was  followed by a fun-filled 24 hour trip to Jared's hometown for the annual Flinn Family Rob-Your-Neighbor showdown.  It's been back to work for Jared and I this week, but we'll soon be headed to the lake for some down time during New Years.  The only hiccup in the holidays has been Maggie's first cold.  Our little sugar plumb is all coughs and sniffles right now, so we're praying for quick healing.  Merry Christmas to all, and a blessed New Year.

Fallsing Asleep on Christmas Eve

Stockings!!  I love to give stockings. It's my favorite thing.

Maggie's First Stocking

She Loves Her New Doll

Truxton Loves His Stocking Too

What Every Woman Wants...Tools

Mother Nature's Gift -- A White Christmas

The Snow Blower
Before clearing our drive, Jared cleared two of our neighbors' drives.  What a guy!

This is everyone watching Jared cut the beef tenderloin. We like food!

Daddy's Girls

Maggie Wouldn't Let Go of This Rob Your Neighbor Gift

Grandpa aka "The Baby Whisperer"

Flinn Family Rob-Your-Neighbor Game

Using a dump truck to roll the dice...
We are sooooo parents now.

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