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September 5, 2009

Two Weeks Old...

Coffee has become highly valued in the Flinn house! It often starts brewing around 4am and keeps flowing well into mid-morning. God bless my husband who's been taking the earliest morning shift to allow me to sleep these past few days.  After our mothers took care of Maggie and I the first week and a half we're on our own now. Jared's taking some vacation time this next week so we'll have some good family time.

In Mags' first couple weeks she's already become a fan of Target and Costco, and learned how to trick Mommy and Daddy into letting her sleep with us.  It's quite possible we're already wrapped around her perfectly beautiful little finger.  She enjoys eating (gained 10oz in one week) and sleeping (but mostly just during the day).  Nights seem to be for play time...we're working on changing that.

Jared and I are completely in love with the newest addition to our little village. Truxton's coming around to the idea.  Here's a sampling of photos from Maggie's second week of life, taken by our dear friend Danny of Daniel's Photography.

Our Biggest, Little Blessing
Daddy and Mommy
Happy Baby Girl
Ha, ha, ha
Daddy's Feeding Time
I Love My Tongue
Let Me Think About That, Grandma
Sleeping Beauty
Poor Truxton Spends Much More Time Outside Now
Wailing = "I am Hungry...Again!"

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