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August 25, 2010

Maggie's First Year Stats

She's One!

Why did no one warn me that at the one year pediatrician appointment they'd draw blood!  It was the first doctor appointment where Maggie was old enough to realize what was going on and she didn't like it one bit.  Playing with the toys and the doctor was all well and good, but when the nurse came in with the needles so along came huge crocodile tears.  I've never seen Maggie cry like this -- EVER!  The vaccinations and the finger prick was enough to warrant a shopping spree...we gals went to Target and bought some cute fall clothes to go with her cute new UGGs.  And we ate cupcakes.  I think I just started a new tradition with my daughter...doctors appointments equals shopping and cake.  Sorry Jared!

The Stats
She's 22lbs 3oz and has made her way down the charts to just 75th percentile for weight.
She's 29inches, 50th percentile (barely) and her head's holding lots of smart cells, measuring 75th percentile.

Here are some more photos from her birthday celebration, including her fancy new boots.  Jared and I laughed so hard when we put the UGGs on her.  She jumped to her feet and started running circles in the kitchen giggling nonstop.  It was hilarious!  It's still a bit too warm for the boots but today we wore our first pair of shoes, some cute pink tennies.  She loves them.  Mostly she likes pulling the velcro straps open, then closing them, then open again but she also likes walking in them.  I was afraid she'd hate them since she hadn't worn shoes yet but I think she feels kinda cool.

Lots of Love to all,


Working the Runway...Or Running Away

First Time Playing in a Bounce House
Playing With Her Friend Jack

Maggie's Hanging Flower Garden

Maggie's Flower Cupcakes

Aunt Boo, Birthday Girl, Mommy, and Grammy

Exploring a New Toy from Miss Lisa and Mr George

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